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Obtaining Access: Local Admins and Providers only--Please read this document for obtaining access: ; System Authorization Access Request Form:

Provider Registration: If you are a Provider and need to register, contact your Local Administrator (EDHA POC), or NMCPHC at (757)953-0737or send email to the Help Desk by .

Reserve Component: If you are a member of the Reserve Component, Deployment Related Health Assessments (DRHAs) DD Form 2900 (PDHRA) and DD Form 2978 (Deployment Mental Health Assessment) can be certified complete via the DoD Call Center at 888-734-7299. DRHAs DD Form 2795 (Pre-DHA) and DD Form 2796 (Post DHA) cannot be certified complete via the DoD Call Center at this time.

Active Component: If you are a member of the Active Component, your Unit will provide direction for the health care provider review process.

Per BUMEDNOTE 6100 of 05 April 2012, the Deployment Mental Health Assessment (DMHA) will be conducted in coordination with the Pre-Deployment Health Assessment (DD2795) and Post-Deployment Health Re-Assessment (DD2900).

This will require all providers to successfully complete the DMHA Training () prior to reviewing and certifying the PDHA/PDHRA and DMHA. If assistance is needed to access DMHA Quiz or to contact DMHA Training, please contact the DMHA helpdesk at: 1-800-600-9332, Option 5.

Users needing EDHA login assistance should call NMCPHC at (757)953-0737or send email to NMCPHC by .

Privacy Act Statement

Authority: 10 U.S.C. 136 Chapter 55. 1074f, 3013, 5013, 8013 and E.O. 9397

Principal Purpose: To assess your state of health after deployment outside the United States in support of military operations and to assist military healthcare providers in identifying and providing present and future medical care to you.

Routine Use: To other Federal and State agencies and civilian healthcare providers, as necessary, in order to provide necessary medical care and treatment.

Online Training Tools

Online Training Tools for Deployment Health Assessments (DHA): Three online training tools have been prepared for Deployment Health Assessment Healthcare Providers as well as users. Please click the desired link below to access the tool: